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View of tree at The Venue at Whistlejacket Farm with the lake in the background

The Venue at Whistlejacket Farm... 

... Believes in providing the highest quality experience for our guests.

... Maintains our property, structures, amenities, landscaping, and all facilities with attention to detail and an eye on continual improvement.

... Believes the highest asset in this life is people. As such, we treat our clients and guests with respect, honesty, and integrity.

... Upholds and reveres the sanctity of marriage and love sharing in the celebrations, growth, and development of our clients and their guests.

... Strives to provide an environment where our guests are surrounded by the natural beauty of God’s world and where all who enter are inspired and encouraged to learn, grow, and become their best selves.

A Horse Farm at Heart

While the horse farm operates separately from The Venue, the fact that events take place on a working horse farm hosting 50 or more nationally ranked horses provides a unique atmosphere.


A partnership exists between The Venue and the horse farm providing unique opportunities for guests to learn from some of the best horse trainers in the world.


Custom packages featuring barn tours, lessons, and demonstrations can be created for your special event.

One horse at Whistlejacket Farm
Tire swing by a treehouse at The Venue at Whistlejacket Farm

The Ideal Location

Conveniently located on I-35W — just 20 miles south of downtown Fort Worth and 50 miles Southwest of downtown Dallas — The Venue at Whistlejacket Farm sits on 200+ breathtaking acres.


Our property boasts white rail fences, ponds, cattle on the hills, beautifully maintained lawns, pecan trees, and other natural plants and wildlife.


But from the convenience of the major interstate highway, you would never know this sanctuary exists!

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